2nd place

6732 points


Hint for Funny Curves



Challenge Category Value Time
Save The Plane Warmup493
Old Crypto Server Crypto100
Aerofloat PWN100
Babycrypt Reverse326
Mental Adventure: Beginning Warmup232
rewarmup Warmup454
Magic I Crypto205
1000 and 1 night Reverse100
Elderly File Warmup100
Plane Market PWN416
Drawings on the walls Forensic100
Shell Me If You Can PWN205
Funny Curves Code384
Hidden Transmission Forensic499
Mental Adventure: Give Me My Cap PIC500
Easy crackme Reverse244
Mental Adventure: Call The Orderlies PIC490
Very Funny Curves Code449
Letter from the madhouse Forensic356
Funny Images Code484
go away Reverse495